“UP” in B.O.S.T.O.N

Buttoned & Coiffed, I step out the plane & into the streets I go… With an Eclectic Flair & a Boyish Kick, I choose methodically a favorite gingham and a beloved houndstooth to start things off on the UP side. http://www.gap.com http://store.nike.com  (P) EACE Advertisements

Boston Day “1” part deux

Good times with the Bostonian Boys, Chris & lil’ Nick . Always made us feel like family & made us believe Boston was our home. (actually, it’s on our to-do list) Strapped on our shoes, grabbed on tight, snapped as many as we could and recorded enough to last us for a good while. From Newbury Street’s … Continue reading

Boston Day “1”

I surprised The Misters with 1,278 miles worth of a birthday… I gave him Boston Boston gave us loving friends My loving folks & The Fazhia’s Birthday gave us a memorable time Having lived in Florida for a year & some, we have developed a big urge for the Northern feel for a city, for … Continue reading


August 14th, Papa, you saw the world…. & now the world sees you. I would like to use this moment to express my Gratitude and Happiness to be my Father’s Daughter. A man with such determination and humor makes him one heck of a gift to anyone that crosses his path. Papa, enjoy this year, … Continue reading

Sneaker visit at the Barbershop

The Misters goes to the Barbershop once every three weeks, I enjoy the 20min.manhood I get thrown into once in a while the air and the aesthetics give me a peek at what it is… to be  the one wearing the belt. http://www.myspace.com/libertybarber http://store.nike.com (P) EACE

Denim Scenery, the boy in me…

The Canadian Uniform Denim on Denim what best way to polish it up other than with a denim bow tie my boy day ( i ❤ my DV tasseled loafers) Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.  ~Epictetus http://www.gap.com http://needsupply.com/marcela-loafer.html (P) EACE

Watch the Throne

Lyricists of the highest caliber have been working on a collaborative album. One, that will get rid of the bad & set back the standards for the newer to come. My two cents: this collaboration is on an obvious maturity level and as well an enjoyment of what our culture has become. The album is … Continue reading

Free Spirit

Patterns make me feel constricted, there are times when they are necessary to function and times where they harm the flow of nature. at this moment in time, I feel bluntly overtaken by the laws of nature strongly grounded yet with a head in the clouds I salvage it, for this is limited. (click images … Continue reading

The Concrete Connection

There was something “french” about the air today, maybe my dream, or my past… Suited in stripes & patches along with a black brim & a dosage of cuffs. Here’s to L’air du temps, my very first perfume, pretty old shmancy for a 13yrs old. (click images to see in bigger size) http://www.zara.com http://www.samedelman.com/collection/the-spring-summer-2011-collection/geneva/ http://www.bajalia.com &hellip; Continue reading