It’s an A.P.P.L.E kind of wedding

October 1st, 2011

Not only was it a celebratory Fall weather day with absolutely not one cloud in the Florida skies, it was also the day that me and the mister’s witnessed a union of two individuals that are without a doubt made for one another.

Sweet and short, comical and breezy, fruitful and flavorful…

Both share their days at Apple and to commemorate the location of their meeting they have blessed their cake with the fruitstand’s logo.

I’m sure I’ve already brought this up in another post, Weddings are a good reason to dress up and bring your A+ Game ON!

Make your cravings of Fascinators and Leopard bow ties come true,bring back the era of the gentleman and the red lips to fruition.

Just a couple of pictures to show the day of the wedding… alongside some great people.


On the Mister:

It was an H&M kind of day (chambray shirt & chino’s)

Bow tie & Lacquered Laced-up loafers: Forever 21

Socks: Happy Socks

On the Miss:

Leopard bow Fascinator: Zara

Short slv sweater: Forever 21

High Waisted Skirt: Bedo

Heels: Steve Madden Luxe

Clutch: Bajalia Handmade in India

Pictures: lapetitefloridienne

Last Picture: Dylan Sawchuck  🙂


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