Boston Day “1” part deux

Good times with the Bostonian Boys, Chris & lil’ Nick .

Always made us feel like family & made us believe Boston was our home. (actually, it’s on our to-do list)

Strapped on our shoes, grabbed on tight, snapped as many as we could and recorded enough to last us for a good while.

From Newbury Street’s shops all the way down to Chinatown’s Pu-Pu Platters  and finally up at Boston Common for an unbelievably melting burger bite & called it a day!

hence the word play 😉

Visiting the Bakery; Johnny Cupcakes, ALWAYS a good time & a pleasant chat 🙂

Home of KARMALOOP, chillin’ between the chinatown concrete and admiring the historical building relief design with a happy face.

walked our butts off so we could finish our day only at the bestest burger joint, FOUR burgers

Grass fed beef with a wide variety of toppings, from caramelized onions to blue cheese alongside an Idaho/sweet potato frie basket….



2 Responses to “Boston Day “1” part deux”
  1. ashante says:

    i love johnny cupcakes designs! looks like a fun trip there mrs. pompador 🙂

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