Boston Day “1”

I surprised The Misters with 1,278 miles worth of a birthday…

I gave him Boston

Boston gave us loving friends

My loving folks & The Fazhia’s Birthday gave us a memorable time

Having lived in Florida for a year & some, we have developed a big urge for the Northern feel for a city, for the air, the streets, the city, the people and the organized chaos, & let’s not forget the flair.

Quality rules over quantity when it comes to fashion in Bean Town, with an overpowerment of tonal earth tones, eclecticism, all while playing with the biggest influence of the old Americana. Everything from corduroy, the heavy denim to the lighter sibling: Chambray. Simple patterns and opacity are of the moment, with some plaid & whimsical prints making appearance.

The boyish look with beautiful hair is what a Bostonian Lady is.

Raided some shops; Bodega, Madewell and Johnny Cupcakes. Ate some D-Licious food; Upper Crust, Quincy Market’s clam chowder goodness and Gluten Free B Good Food.

Spent a full 5 days in the city Beautiful of Boston, from Revere to Beacon Hill, our nights in Waltham & our footsteps from Quincy Market to our drives through Cambridge.

Brick roads, uphill neighborhoods and parallel parking

we already miss you Boston ❤

PART 2 of DAY 1 following….


2 Responses to “Boston Day “1””
  1. Pish says:

    Hmmm, good to see urbanized cities such as Bawwston have commited to a Montreal-born wave of sustainable living! (i.e. the bixi concept) 😉

    cool pics btw, lots and lots o’ style…

    • …After all, their only 5hours away from each other 😉 They MUST have some points in common…Pish, tell me, didn’t the Mtl mayor go to Paris to research on the bixi concept?

      & Thank You’s on the comment… know how we do….<3

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