the eclectic

the whimsical

the way it is

the. something special

the., is a wise collaboration of two logically, light spirited, creative souls named Sherwood and Mihoko.

They are both “world” learner’s/apprentices and both bring a playful spin on clever ideas.

Because their projects are self-funded, they only do a limited round for each style, this is why it makes the piece even more of a stand out & leaves us hungry for more.

When possible, they contribute a percentage of their online earnings to charities that focus on empowering people.

the’s. latest designed product is nothing but a twist to a classic form of attire.

NECK SPECS; where eyewear replaces the bow tie.

They come in five different styles, all in their own characteristic genres:

– the. classic

-the. cat eye (my personal favorite)

-the. wayfarer

-the. D.M.C

-the. architect

Milled and painted/plated ABS; adjustable elastic neck band, they sell each for 50.00$.!/__T_H_E__


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