Mr. P’s Look of the Moment: The Staple

Our closet is shared… equally divided… nice and compact.  The Man’s is neat and crisp while mine is more of a boat trying to keep everyone on deck…

I have been a menswear fan since my studies in Fashion and am an avid observer and admirer of the way my man can make two pieces of clothing look so complete.

A crisp cotton blend buttoned shirt,

the quality detailed stitching in contrast colors,

a perfectly tailored slim collar with buttoned tips,

that nice natural fold falling at the hem on a semi-heavy weight pair of chino shorts,

those are just a couple that have me doing the Eastwood stare.

Men accessories are at point and have been forever,

The belt, The watch, The hat, The footwear and The Bag…

all have me real hungry to see what’s next in Looks.

One night last month, something came upon me and had me snoop on the fresh side of the closet,

calculations were done, emotions were flying high for moments like these and it all equaled to a pretty dope “Staple”.

I called this one The Staple, since it’s Get Up is the principle in men’s wear, which in turn was concocted by a woman. ME.

I leave you with a couple of manly links that leave me hungry for more.

Since I share what I love, I feel strong about giving it my own individual vision and it’s delivering it with my touch of graphics.

You guys are MORE than welcomed to leave me a word or an essay , I live for exchange of wise words & constructive thoughts.

4 Responses to “Mr. P’s Look of the Moment: The Staple”
  1. Véronique says:

    wow! I love this post P!! So creative!

  2. Véronique says:

    P.S. sorry I’m a bit late! 🙂

  3. Véronique says:

    I’ll send you a pic over the weekend!! We’ll be taking lots of pics at the shower! 😉

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