1 YEAR of “pure goodness” anniversary


Unquestionably, undoubtedly and positively

Today marks Me & my Mr’s First year Anniversary, along with many of our landmark dates…

our first “sneakerplay” message, our first phone conversation, the first time we laid eyes on each other, our first flight, first government interview & so many more…

Amongst those firsts, I can truly say he is my first REAL love and my first thought in the morning.

Partners in crime singing our life in a duet melody, life will bring us to many places along with many more memories.

There is no one but my Mr that I can possibly live my every moment and share my love for life.

He makes gold of my days, he defines the upmost perfection in a mate

and I can only praise & love what I have been given by the heaven’s above

My Mr. P

I Love You Booboo



Graphics done by: la petite floridienne

4 Responses to “1 YEAR of “pure goodness” anniversary”
  1. Sarah says:

    You guys are the cutest! Happy Anniversary!
    Love this illustration!

  2. Pish says:

    Hi guys,

    On behalf of myself and Marie-Andrée, we wish you guys a happy belated one year anniversary. May your personalities draw strenght and energy from one another and may your wildest artisitic expressions come to fruition through love and friendship.

    Much love, happiness, dedication, friendship, passion and desire for years to come…

    Always with love,

    PS & MAD

  3. K says:

    Much love from your Toronto counterparts at P&P Creative Factory North!!!!
    We love you we miss we kissssssss you!!!! 😉

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