Happy Birthday Mami

Today, April 29th, 2011 is my Mami’s Birthday…

I could fill words of love on every inch of the 1,421 miles that separates me from my mother on her birthday and I would still make it on time to sing her a Happy Birthday…

Behind us, a universe that we both created, me and my mother, a universe that we understand and were born to love.

We have built this world of ours in different shapes and colors with tools such as, our inner strength & emotional tenderness.

As my mother’s daughter, I was taught & admired, but I have been as well observing how my mother has evolved, year after year, as I have not been the only one growing;

my mother has gone through mountains of rocks and walls filled of clocks

lakes of mass water volume and a lifetime filled of astonishing bloom

all amounting to what she is now standing tall to: Today, the birth of herself, as a mother, a wife, a sister, a cousin, an aunt and a friend

To you, my one and only mami, I salute you, on your day of triumph!





Graphics done by: la petite floridienne

One Response to “Happy Birthday Mami”
  1. anna wisniewski says:

    DZIEKUJE,DZIEKUJE,DZIEKUJE ! Coz za piekne slowa i zyczenia!!!!!….Paulinko jestes moim spelnionym marzeniem!!!! I salute YOU back and love YOU mamuska

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