It’s Fancy Time

me & the hubby, like to fancy our toes to times where ties & manicured hairdos are at play.

in this case J.D & Laritza’s wedding was our playground

here’s some goods I fished out from an ocean of fancies


Mrs P:

red velvet lips with wavy locks pinned with perles

submerged into a H&M frilled crepe top fitted into a BEDO high-waisted fitted classic knee-length skirt

& finally adorned with some satin bow tie Steve Madden Luxe 4″ heels


a precise side parted dapper cut

a hand-made by-la-petite-flordienne denim bow-tie

an H&M  perfectly fitted long sleeve marine button down shirt

Zara classic glen check trouser paired with Adidas/Ransom footwear

Graphics done by: la petite floridienne

5 Responses to “It’s Fancy Time”
  1. Nems says:

    Looking really goood pau pau !

  2. Coco Pierre says:

    Love LOve LoVe!!!
    Your heel’s are 2 die for…smocches

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