My Dear friend Emily B.( sent me an interesting article about; the findings of a Korean barbecue taco truck in Orlando…

Before I jump into my yellow truck experience, I feel the need to explain the Food Truck movement

FOOD TRUCKS: high-end food for the masses at drive-thru prices.

The goal is to be quick, convenient, cheap & surprisingly far tasting from anything like any fast food.

Some serve from vintage ice cream trucks , some roll up in  rv’s & the most surprising would be the snowcat mobile, the point of the matter is that they can travel (spread the word) & develop a following of dedicated fans.

Wether it be by word of mouth, or website,Facebook & twitter, it’s plain & simple marketing.

Originality in taste is a plus & that is one thing they do not lack in; here is a list of different kinds of trucks

A buttermilk truck… L.A, A Grilled Cheese truck …L.A, A Curry truck… San Francisco, A Fish truck…Miami, A Schnitzel truck… NY, & the list goes on…….

Even The Food Network  embarked itself on a journey called The Great Food Truck Race, a show dedicated solely to a competition of 7 trucks hitting the road  across America,with one thing in mind, selling the most of their food & the winner comes out with a whopping $50,000

On March 29, in Orlando, there will be an event called the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar , with 8 food trucks giving us a taste of what they have to offer to the streets & one of them will be the Korean BBQ Taco Box which we just visited last week!



A rainy day didn’t stop us from standing outside & trying this mixture of Mexican Tacos & Korean BBQ.

Our tummies & minds were content along with the awesome service provided by the cooks. Hailing all the way from NY & Virginia these two guys concocted some good Chicken Taco’s with sides such as, a green salad with a ginger homemade dressing, 2 pieces of fried rolls with pork, 2 rice balls & 2 dumplings.

Stationed right on the CITGO parking lot on East Colonial Drive and Primrose, painted in yellow with a flashing open sign.

It’s a definite good find in my books!

1 down 8 more plates to go!


Graphics done by: La Petite Floridienne

  1. Peter says:

    In relation to your post, I have a feeling you are going to love this…

    Next time you’re in the 514, will swing by the docks!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Hey Paulina ! It’s been so long ! I love your blog; amazing graphic design too ! I have fun reading it… keep it up xxx

  3. KayP says:

    My favourite truck stop foods are still poutine and hot dogs! Thumbs up for comfort food.
    Peter, I really love the MuvBox. It’s time these gas guzzling trucks revamped their look and feel, but still keeping the good ol food going.

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