OtherPeoplesProperty x La Petite Floridienne

A wholehearted+ charitable+fashionable+ treasure chest= Other People’s Property .

Dana Marie Roquemore, owner of the shop & Etsy boutique sure does have a keen eye for some thrifty finds.

Some pieces dating all the way from the 60’s…

Some pieces all the way from Haiti…

Some pieces that are truly incorruptible…

Altogether the finds make OPP, an Orlando must for a stylish find.

With 2 main purposes behind the business :

Environmental: Encouraging the public to buy more vintage


Giving: A big amount of their inventory is dedicated to giving 100% of the profits to Haiti for the Earthquake relief & 15% to www.charitywater.com.

With a cover spread in Novembers issue of Orlando’s BRINK Magazine,  a Swap & Shop event , an appearance at Status Community Market & an adorable Etsy online boutique, OPP, has some  goodness right up our alley.


As far as OPP’s boutique goes, one would believe they are in a specialty Anthropologie store with a twist .

It’s hardwood floor everything,  anatomy book spread as backsplash, a decoratively lighten ceiling, racks upon racks of vintage clothes & accessories for women & men topped by a centerpiece made up of thrifty bicycles.

Sure does have a great advantage & feel over our generic Goodwills & Salvation Army’s.

To set-up an appointment pls give Dana a call at: 321.277.7167

(I had the privilege to be part of the latest shoot for OPP’s current new styles, with the styling of Dana, help provided by the lovely Ashley & photographed by the talented Doug Jackson.)

see pictures below



Logo & page layouts done by La Petite Floridienne.







2 Responses to “OtherPeoplesProperty x La Petite Floridienne”
  1. Isabella says:

    love the first shot!!
    i would love to retouch these!! AWW! come to mtl hehe

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