A new Decade is here…..

What to do but to welcome it with open arms & an optimistic approach…

In reality we have a tendency of looking at our past and scrutinizing at the mistakes, decisions, roles and tendencies we have made in the past year & now we have witnessed a closure, to some it may be a stepping stone & to others it may be just another chapter. In all, we are all a single revolution, a “personal” revolution, a revolution in some way, shape or form of moving forward, even if it is not noticeable to some.

I chose for this chapter to be about CREATING, whether it be in my relationships, myself & my environment.

” you are a product of your environment”…. & it is for YOU to chose what will affect and change you for the better.


In the second half of last year, I have jumped into a state of curiosity for GRAPHICS.

I explored it within my reach, educated myself with my interests & developed a tasteful admiration.

Now, it does help that my lovely husband is a true inspiration at the craft 😉 & I do have it gushing in my bloodline, thanks Momi & Pops!


HERE’S TO 2011 !!!!


Sketched on Illustrator, P.W.L


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