Put your heart into your head…

I have been blessed with many things this year


I would love to share with you one that has opened a window once closed.


I have met with an extraordinary individual in the past 3 weeks, whom introduced me to a non-profit organization called HUNGRY FOR A CHANGE.

Their mission: by selling ONE graphic t-shirt(20$) they feed FIFTY meals to children who are in need of food & nourishment.


I got inspired

Sat down at my computer


envisioned what kind of graphic tee a child in this position would choose to put on & happily represent their cause, which we would wear as well.

Ideas started flowing, concepts started growing & if I wouldn’t stopped myself, a 100 would’ve followed.

Here is a little  sneak peek at what I envisioned.

Pls feel free to leave ANY comments at the bottom of the page 🙂




“Giving is true having.”

– Charles Spurgeon

3 Responses to “Put your heart into your head…”
  1. Pete says:

    Woaw! That is some serious graphics…The very first one def encompasses the ideas in back of your message! 😉

  2. KayP says:

    These are pretty frekkin good. When are they going into production? Can I order some?

    • Thanks Kay :)…. I appreciate the comment A-LOT!
      Girl, I wish they would be going into production somewhere sometime… BUT if you do show interest, I can make it happen!…
      Let me know… it’s 2011! anything’s possible

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