Fafinettes ALIVE! Do!Do!Do

FAFI X (Carte Blanche) X KID SISTER

Be ready, my intro is quite the “breath taker”

Feminine street art hustler at it’s best, hailing from Toulouse France, with her classic hearts-on-cheeks designs, FAFI,  has dropped some sketches of Chicago based hip-hop artists Kid Sister, known to have THE dopest nail game, hence, “Pro Nails, along with the dynamic duo DJ Mehdi and Riton, also known as Carte Blanche a Chicago-influenced house sounds & THIS is their new brainchild. All of this has been put on film by the animation maestro, Designer, illustrator  Yué Nyno, his blog http://hypebeast.com/blog/yuewu/ .


The End Product


Making of…



Another eye-pleasant collaboration…

Inspired by the Hennessy Artistry curation process, Hennessy has collaborated with a posse of artists,

A-Trak VS Dust La Rock

Kid Sister VS Fafi

Q-Tip VS Spaceknuckle

Questlove VS Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

Steve Aoki VS Laundry

to express themselves around the iconic Hennessy V.S bottle with true creative freedom creating five new iconic bottle designs.




The Greatness: FAFI


Her Art

One of my previously featured favorites Koralie & our girl FAFI




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