& that’s how the Raptors chewed the Magic out of the Amway….

Friday November 12th, has been marked as our first visit to the new Amway center in Downtown Orlando.

With a matchup as good as the Toronto Raptors against the Magics, it sure was one hecksssss of a night!….

With just a couple of blocks away from the old Amway arena, I couldn’t help but replay that last game we saw of the playoffs…. I remember when I stepped into that arena years back when 18, watching with the family the WNBA ‘s Miracles play a fine game of basketball…

With the new Amway Centre, there’s definitely a sense of height, width & definitely one too many smiles 😉

(I snapped many pics, pls enjoy)


With an obvious sponsor from Disney, they make you enter this very blue dome & make you believe in magic….

light show, anthems, players, sneakers…cars? that’s basketball!

surprise cam, the court, go magic go!, President Obama’s presence & Toronto whooped butts!

& finally, an Orlando Magic corner full of historic treasures dating from way back to the present…

Horace Grants goggles,the first 1989 Magic team,  Shaq dunking on Mr. P, 1995 playoffs net & famous bobbleheads…




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