INFLUENCERS; beginning, middle & end

November 3rd: This film has been booming all over the internet pages & blogs, with a subliminal message behind trends,creativity & contagiousness.

You see a cause. You see an effect. What you can’t see, and never will, is where influence actually happens. It’s really within.

Malcolm X, Brigitte Bardot, Michael Jordan, Vivienne Westwood, Banksy, Steve Jobs, B.I.G… all influencers in their own time on their own terms.

Question: what influenced them to become an activist, a connection, a trendsetter & an impact?

Popularity leads to access which leads to authority, & there you have it; an INFLUENCER.

But in all reality, when born, were all exposed to our first influencer & it starts at home; PARENTS.


This movie is a well-edited compilation of the essence & definition of how nowadays INFLUENCERS impact today’s pop culture. (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment)

by: Paul Rojanathara & Davis Johnson

concept: R+I Creative

2 Responses to “INFLUENCERS; beginning, middle & end”
  1. z&a says:

    to bylo dobre b.dobre

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