SupaKitch & Koralie= A+ DUO

Since me & the Mister have joined forces on our creative journey of the P& P Creative Factory, I realize there’s really no better partner than your significant other.

With Mr. P’s  strong comic/grafitti/street influences & my fashion/folkie & sometimes subdued tendencies, we blend into a one of a kind.

& so I crossed path with SupaKitch & Koralie, both street artists from France who have joined forces & became strong in demand in all three continents.

Both come from the “Manga Generation”,mostly  inspired by Japanese culture, in graphics, architecture, style & their biggest hero Hayao Miyazaki.


SupaKitch proposed to Koralie in a very unique way…

He wheat pasted a poster with two characters dressed for a wedding, put earphones on her & played her favourite song, Stand By Me by Ben E. King.

Then pasted a bubble with a ring and a question mark , handed her the ring in a little box along with a “though bubble” for her to paste her answer.



Their pieces are huge wall wonders, with bold colors & flowing lines.


The video below is their latest collaboration they have painted  for the Gothenburg Museum of World Culture in Sweden.

video by:


They have collaborated with Converse, Emilie Simon, Artoyz,Kidrobot & MA-ology Paris.

11 Responses to “SupaKitch & Koralie= A+ DUO”
  1. Tanith says:

    That’s some amazing awesomeness!!!

  2. Wow these are great artists, thanks for sharing!
    ps. i love ur blog, very creative and fresh.

  3. The Bureau of Small Design says:

    Thank you for promoting some extremely talented and inspired (and inspirational) artists on your blog.
    Their fluid freehand technique is something I can only hope to achieve some day. 🙂

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