Style Hunter

Everyone loves a real good street style blog, if it’s for inspiration or just information, it’s definitely eye candy for the style savvy.

Yvan Rodic, the mastermind behind the famous blog FACEHUNTER has been snapping pictures of walking wardrobe artists for over 4 yrs now.

With an eye for eclectic & distinguished style, Yvan started his online photoblog on January 2006, right before the blogging craze began.

He said when he finds the “right” person to photograph it’s not about them following trends or being a fashionista, it’s about their inner-self first & followed by the outside being second.

Yvan’s blog has over 20,000 views per day & usually posts around 1o pictures per day.

He’s one of the few that paved the road for “style” bloggers, giving us the green light to throw ourselves into this world of hunting “coolness” & making the odd stand out.

With all the goodies Yvan snapped with his Canon G10, he was able to publish his first book, FACEHUNTER, with over 300 pictures & some commentaries.

He also just started a new project called “The Facehunter TV Show” with a new video per week, interviewing people from all walks of life, from fashion to music & art.


His pictures scream individuality, originality & quality.

& here are just some of my hand picked favorites.

2 Responses to “Style Hunter”
  1. Pete says:

    In the video, minute 3:12, I know that chick, she’s a friend of John’s sister! pretty cool…

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