Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon

The Obey Giant “John & Yoko” Canvas Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
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Saturday October 9th 2010: John Lennon turns 70

Google & Google’s YouTube are commemorating “worldwideweb-style” the Peace Master’s 70th Birthday.

The Google Doodle is found on http://www.google.com/ & it’s their first ever video-doodle, it plays a 32 second scribble video while playing”Imagine”.

created by Google doodler, Mike Dutton, “whom completed his first book when he was seven, a stapled mass of dot-matrix printer paper filled with leaping dinosaurs.”

artist’s website: http://www.duttonart.net/


While on http://www.youtube.com/johnlennon they have included a video from Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith and many more in his hommage.


These tributes are following the release of eight remastered John Lennon studio albums from this past Tuesday October 5th.


In memory of John Lennon’s legendary style…


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