Southern Po’ Boys & Crawfish…

3 words for you: KING CAJUN CRAWFISH

About 2 weeks ago we treated our tummy’s to some traditional Southern Louisiana fancies.

This little hole in the wall, may not attract everyone, but can certainly slap you with the element of surprise.

The restaurant is run by a Vietnamese family who moved to Orlando from New Orleans,it has enough space for 20 people to enjoy the news on 3 flat screen t.v’s while fulfilling your seafood cravings until you come knocking on their door for more.

Situated in the Mills 50 District, on Colonial, their menu serves you anything from a pound of crawfish to a spicy bowl of Gumbo, some jambalaya, fried catfish & my favorite  Shrimp/oyster Po’ Boys.

The place is in full-demand on Fridays & Saturdays, having you wait & watch other people lick their fingers off of that garlic crawfish goodness.

Oyster Po’ Boy

Translation: ” the poor boy’s lunch”.

Not much different looking from the Shrimp Po’Boy, it’s served in baguette-like Louisiana French bread & dressed up in Tomatoes, Lettuce & pickles, all very fresh!

Shrimp Po’ Boy

The moment you bite into this crusty shell of bread & shrimp you melt to the blend of tomatoes & definitely enjoy every bite until the last one.

1 lbs of Crawfish bathed in Garlic sauce enjoyed by our dearest friend Ron.

They are fresh water crustaceans resembling to small lobsters & Louisiana supplies 98% of them in the U.S

If you like to roll up your sleeves & work your way to eat, then you will have no issues with these little creatures. Just twist off the head and suck the juice, then pinch the tail and pull the meat.

I, Myself, would want to save one & bring him back to life in a giant aquarium.



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