Orlando’s Fashion graduates…

I’m an optimistic person, one that believes looking into the positive rather than the negative….although at times I do find it hard not be a critic, & one of my vices is being a perfectionist, some may say it’s a good flaw, in my case it can work both ways.

Yesterday, the critics eye came out full force. We attended a fashion show of a Design School in Orlando. (No name dropping sorry)

Set in the middle grand court, the show featured 10 Designers that just graduated or will be in the coming months.

Having graduated from Fashion Design & worked in the industry for 3 years now,in my opinion this was a poor representation of Orlando’s up & coming.

The fit showed to be of a problem along with zippers curving out, hemlines being too long, having models uncertain of their walk.

Silk collections in teal & Persian Blue do not play in favor for many women, especially when they are linked to poor bridesmaid dresses.

& yes the typical graduating asymmetry made an appearance, this is a known fact for fashion students to try to be out of the norm & have garments look irregular & lopsided.

I did scavenge for taste and found some in certain garments, bubble skirts, tulle dresses and sequined fabrics along with young flowered prints.

I do believe there is room to grow & am enthusiastic about attending another fashion show.

At the end, to be a good designer you have to know yourself in every aspect, know your limits, be able to welcome challenges but also complete them successfully.


Style is primarily a matter of instinct.
Bill Blass

below are pictures of some garments which sparked an interest

I strongly apologize for the out-of-focus….


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