A vinyl Mickey and a village of Legos

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to surprise Mickey with a little visit to Downtown Disney.

While being huge fans of vinyls, we were much surprised when we spotted a “Vinylmation” store, that opened mid-July 2008.

A store dedicated to collecting vinyls, where you can choose from different series, artists, collections, or just buy a blank shaped Mickey and give him your own spin on how he should look.


There he was, waiting to greet us, all “vinyled-up”….a true Disney icon…

Situated on a table, where all the trading takes place.

up close & personal with the Mickster

Mr.P in Vinyl Land….all eyes on him…


Disney has it’s own Star Wars Weekends this year, their celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

Graffiti artwork to the D-Store

We couldn’t help but feel like we were brought back to our childhood when we visited the Lego Store.

With the world’s largest Pick A Brick Wall, where you can choose any color, any shape or form of a LEGO brick, or missing eye, or screw!

any color any shape

The place was booming with little future architects & brick wall makers…

Mr.P greeting with a soft touch his fellow Bionicle Robot

The Wall of Lego World People…

We finally decided on what to bring back home with us from this” funfilling” visit & here are our guys…

You may brush fingers when visiting us for a supper or two with…..Mr. Salt & Mr. Pepper



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