A Ravenous Pig prancing in Yogurtland

We had a marvelous dinning experience yesterday evening with some good friends of ours for a Birthday.

Having a satisfactory visit the first time,we decided to bring them over to non-other than the Ravenous Pig, in Winter Park.

Owned by an Orlando couple, they studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and both wanted to bring their dream back to their native city.


This Gastro-Pub has a youtful presents which can attract a modern clientele or spark an interest to any defiant person.

Best way to describe the eatery would be:

An Americanized touch to an English Pub which submerges in this underground atmosphere with bronze ceiling tiles & unpiggish like proportion plates.

Having been served by one of the best waiters we’ve had so far, Hanrow, explained to us that they change their menu by the season & only 25% of it stays, for they are the classics.

We proceeded by ordering our cocktails & Reviver of the Corpse it was for me.

If I remember well, this is a mixture of Gin, sparkling wine, absinthe & mint.

Mr. P & Mrs. P

The cutlery sparked an interest.

After much anticipation,the plates arrived, we all had The Pub Burger, while the Birthday boy had The Lamb Burger with Tempura green peas.

Meat was done to perfection, medium rare, to my liking. The fries were thin & crispy, although in the future I will ask for non-salted.

Lamb Burger

Pub Burger

As a surprise for the Birthday boy, Mr. P had a chocolate mousse piece of cake ready for him right after the main course.

mesmerised by the goodness & the beauty

To brighten up the colors from the all-carnivore dinning experience, we headed on to Yogurtland, in Winter Park!

A contemporary, upbeat, self-serve Yogurt joint, which came about in 2006 on the West Coast.


With 12 flavors, ranging from coffee, to NY cheesecake & my favorite Taro, your definitely going to leave satisfied.

One of many yogurt stations…

you proceed by sprinkling some goodies on top of the yogurt mountain


VOILA!…. you have yourself one heck of a LICIOUS cup o’ yogurt.

I’m a definite ambassador!

… because we really do…rule


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  1. z&a says:

    yam yam yam smaczne!!!

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