Reveled in Cocoaland

Got back yesterday from a fanciful 4 days in Cocoa Beach.

We basked, splashed & accentuated ourselves in the pleasures this quaint little beach strip has to offer.

Having a view towards the ocean, one can’t seem to disregard how at peace one can be.

The best part about having to celebrate your birthday away, is to actually not be the center of attention. Physically.

When it comes to e-mails, birthday cards, phone calls & Facebook messages, I became overwhelmed & once again reassured how loved one can be.

My hubby booked us a delightful room at the Doubletree & without a doubt their service & cookies were outstanding!

We had a little taste of how sushi can taste from a Cocoa Publix, only to our disappointment, it was unsatisfying…

in the hubby’s words, there was no finesse & definitely no comparison to the Publix in Altamonte Springs or from our main man Stephen in Lake Mary.

check out the massive amount of Caviar!!!

The hotel had a private walkway to the beach & was nestled between condo’s which made the beach not too crowded for taste.

On the day I was born, the hubbster enticed me to build one heck of a birthday sand cake.

notice the forked seashell as a center-piece…

When time came for supper, we relied on Cathy, the GPS, to find us a shiver me timber type of restaurant shack, with tasty seafood!

5 miles down the road & we ended up at Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty, a heaven to catfish lovers, LIVE catfish, straight out the Banana River.

They live off of what we feed them, they stalk every move we make & they franticly jump out the water when goodness is thrown.

On the menu was served, lobster bisque soup with coconut shrimp salad & fried calamari salad .Outstanding.

Outside, I had a giant candle waiting on me.

We had a little friend that invaded our balcony on our last morning.

Hungry for crums

When time came to head back home, we experience a shaved ice goodness like no other.

Oasis Shaved Ice, has an old dinner appeal & 60 flavors to choose from, your sure to leave eerie & with content sweet buds.

Owned by a couple, the wife, began collecting an extensive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia at the age of 13,what you see in the pictures, is only 25% of the whole collection.

At first glance, it was alot to take in!

The floor was sprayed in chalk paint, so the kids could invade the floors, once ever inch of that wall was used up.

Coca-Cola shades

decisions, decisions…

pinned visitors

P&P we out!

2 Responses to “Reveled in Cocoaland”
  1. Teresa says:

    Dzien Dobry mloda florytanko,

    Spoznione Zyczenia Urodzinowe,niemniej szczere,Wszytkiego najlepszego,powodzenia we wszystkim,radosci z florydzkich klimatow doslownych i tych nieuchwytnych…
    Lubilysmy podgladnac Cie na Twoim blogu
    Pani Teresa

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