NY Spring 2011 Fashion Week PART2

I watched the last of Fashion Week Spring 2011 on my IPod Touch curled under my sheets at 11p.m on Thursday.

With a downcast stare I scrolled down to my last few pictures of L.A.M.B & definitely started anticipating on what’s going to be brought on my plate for next season!

Here’s the final showdown:

September 12 2010:


To be worn on my “abstract”, more misunderstood days, this is the one collection that makes me wish I was a MAN.

Maria Cornejo, is one venturesome lady, who once was a political refugee, now found herself living in London, Paris, Milan & Tokyo.

Let me introduce you to pointy architectural drapes with a definition of simple elegance & lightness.



September 13 2010:


Had to be one of my most anticipated collections of the season by far. No one can replicate Marc Jacob’s flavor nor his vintage sophistication.

In this collection the 70’s reappeared for the ladies, having a balance between sweetness & refinement with stripes & eclectic prints.

While the gentleman were dipped in the french new wave era, mysteriously clean-cut collegiate men.


September 14 2010


Having worked for such fashion houses like Hermès and Dior, Michelle Smith knows very well how to embellish garments.

This season’s collection was based on the pure inspiration of none other than:

Peggy G : Fashion Eclectic and ultimate art lover

Organically combined with florals, geometric prints& turbans, Milly was the perfect base for Michelle’s new jewelry & handbag line.

This one has retro & eclectic coolness, something I certainly, wouldn’t miss out on!


September 15 2010


If there is one man who truly understands a woman’s romanticism & elegance, it’s definitely none other than Mr. De La Renta.

Some might say that he’s old-fashioned, & some might say that he’s a true connoisseur, but in all reality the man never fails to get it right.

Known for his red carpet gowns, I have to say I was swept away by his cockatail numbers.

Why wouldn’t you want to go for a secret rendez-vous in a  ladylike tweed dress? Maybe once in a full-moon …. let’s dream a little.

The man himself: Oscar De La Renta


September 16 2010:


Prints & Fabrics with edgy tailored basics and easy streetwear, this was the message coming from Gwen Stefani’s collection this Spring. Clearly a self-representation of the singer/designer.

Having actually worked on her designs at the early stage of Spring 2011 back in March, it was apparent to us she wanted an African/Indonesian feel.

Very creative & innovative designs (complex pleating, ruffles, folding), definitely not for the more classic & shy person to be worn by.


All runway images were provided by http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/


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