Nothing better like getting older…

Only 4 days shy of adding a +1 to my age… getting wiser is on the list.

Celebrating my birthday this year for the second time around home away from home, I must say receiving mail hasn’t been as much anticipated as much as now.

The spoiling started off with Mr.P. Two weeks ago he brought me by surprise to a little store called “Tiffany’s” and swept me off of my feet with an adorable number called

Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet. Please, let me assure you, my foot has barely ever been in that store, let alone purchased jewels from there. THAT’S how special he is!

At the beginning of last week, I received from Anthropologie, a charming birthday card with a candle pendant necklace wishing me a special little birthday along with a 15% off during a visit anytime in September. What other retail store can beat such a thoughtful gesture other than with their usual e-mailed coupons?

I payed them a visit yesterday & sure enough walked out with a clever & utterly self-describing book by Amanda Brooks, entitled, I (insert heart) YOUR STYLE.

I think I have found my long lost soul sister, she has classic roots, bohemian flair, a little taste for designer luxuries, and a love for bargains… seperated at birth, maybe?

She’s the Ultimate Eclectic dresser, someone who fishes in different ponds & still comes out with the best looking aquarium!

I definitely believe this book both empowers and inspires women to dive into the challenge of defining, or refining, their personal style.

Let’s embrace creativity & self-identity.

My Style Bible

Shortly after receiving my mail, I heard the doorbell ring & I smelled HOME!… sure enough my loving parents sent me a birthday package.

Away from home on my birthday really does create a bond, makes me want to reincarnate all the Polish birthday suppers my mother prepared & the jokes my father pulled at the table.

I strive to be like them, a superb host with an atmosphere like no other.

I have been watching this package for the last 5 days, it’s been creeping up on me at night, calling my name during the day, but I don’t let it get to me, no sir, because tonight is the night where it will be cut thru all together with my parents witnessing me on Skype 🙂

Tonight, my loving family from FL, is swinging me off to none other than a polish restaurant, Anna’s Polish Restaurant. A moment I have been waiting to share with them for a while now.

Just the simple though of sultry pierogies, luscious stuffed cabbage, & the heartiest of the heartiest The Polska Kiełbasa, brings me back in a heartbeat to my mother’s kitchen.

I will post all of the evening’s delights as soon as I can.



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