NY Spring 2011 Fashion Week PART1


New York Fashion Week has me all up in an internal frenzy.

Starting it off with HUGE WISHES of being at the Fashion Night Out, anyone out there who went, I AM HAPPY FOR YOU !…who wouldn’t want to walk the sidewalk along Miss Sex & the City & ohww accidently

bumping shoulders with Oscar De La Renta…maybe even give a little wink to Anna Wintour, why don’t you?!?!…

Here’s what’s been my viewing pleasure every morning along with my coffee/honey, * wink at Emily…

September 7th 2010:


This one is close to my heart due to the fact that the label has been founded in my hometown of Montreal in 2005.

It’s known for its monochromatic fabrics and striking shapes which you can wear in any possible way in a minimalist look.


September 9th 2010:


I have been obsessed with this seasons Project Runway Season 8 & was happy to see that one of my two favorite designers Gretchen Jones, had a chance to walk the runway.

Gretchen brings her 70’s bohemian urban vibe, & she uses mostly natural fibers. With a design label under her arm, her future looks very promising.



I wish I could feature their whole collection, although that would leave me with no other room for the next days designers.

Once again inspired by the 70’s,they expressed what it’s like to be during the day a girl & at night this nonchalant star .

The duo represented a delicate yet confident & well-edited collection, one which I wish I was given to promote 🙂


September 10th 2010:


HELLO to Mister Andy South, whom I met during his internship while working at Industry!…Your kicking HARD BUTTS, MY MAN!!!!!!

Hailing from luscious Waianae, Hawaii, Andy is definitely inspired by his asian culture with a very meticulous hand & fierce style, HE is the one to beat!


September 11 2010:


It is said that his soul purpose of designing is to never EVER make a woman feel or look like a fool. Inspired by “real” women, his muse for Spring 11 is

Charlotte Gainsbourg

He has given the collection plenty of movement with a play of hard pleats and soft chiffon.

Pure Spring colors: White, Beige & Red

I absolutely ADORE!


September 12 2010:


Definition: A Scandinavian part intellectual part hipster cool designer.

Collections Name: A Wharf on the Baltic

Verdict: The ultimate collection for Mister & Mrs. P, with chambray, striped sailor prints & color blocking.

a very clever website : http://www.timoweiland.com/


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