Lacoste wishes Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew a Happy 60th!

Isn’t it mind boggling how little Charlie Brown, Linus, Woodstock and Snoopy, better known as Peanuts, have been growing up on our t.v screens & in our newspapers for 60 years!?!?!….

They have witnessed events, premieres &  moments, we only wish we could’ve & would’ve.

  • The Man on the moon
  • Star Wars &  The Godfather
  • The double B’s: Beatles &  Bob Marley
  • The cleverness of Spike Jones
  • & no other than Larry the legend Bird…oh! & of course his airness, Micheal Jordan

In order to celebrate such a milestone, one needs to “dress to impress” on their birthday & the Peanuts crew have teamed up with the  crocodile savvy, LACOSTE, for some limited edition classy polo’s.

To be released this October. It’s good to know that this will be the first time that the brand has invited another company to incorporate their logo onto their clothing.


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