24 yrs ago my soulmate was born…

Not only was it Mr. P’s Birthday, but it was also my 1st birthday as a wifey , as well as my 1st time away from home on my Fazia’s birthday, the next day…

I was dedicated to make this a good start , one that made his tummy happy, mind going & heart growing.

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Rolled up the sleeves & baked some goodness.

Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies

recipe adapted from: http://www.lemonbasilpdx.com/2010/05/inside-out-carrot-cake-cookies.html

Each on their own were a fulfilling little cake, with a buttery creme cheese filling squished btwn two hearty carrot cookies.

The afternoon was followed by a nice family supper at a Macaroni Grill & later we swept each other to the shores of Daytona at the Hilton’s Resort.

Woken up to the sounds of the waves & rays of the sun….

dipped our toes into the morning shores

Mrs. P

Nothing like comfort food….& one of the greatest comedies of all times…

& fireworks to start a 24th year of an incredible Mister… ❤


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